Virtual Private Server (VPS) is among the four types of web hosting in terms of technology employed. VPS can also be referred to as a dedicated, virtual host. To the user, a virtual server appears as a dedicated host; however, it’s set up on a computer that serves multiple sites. The VPS technology has one subscriber and will be able to maintain several virtual servers. In reality, this hosting has become a common selection for small and medium scale enterprises because it is reasonable in cost and rich features.

Cheap VPS Hosting UK

The Virtual Private Server comes in two forms, the windows VPS that’s also referred to as the cheap VPS and the Linux VPS. Beta Hosting is a web hosting solutions provider and over a decade of experience makes it possible for your company to continually expand offering and adopt new technologies. To obtain more details on best VPS servers please check out

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There can be some other benefits of cheap VPS hosting the UK that are unnoticeable at first look. With offshore hosting may offer fast loading of pages on websites and this can be really significant in Google page ranks. Besides that, people are at the lookout for hosting their servers within their respective continents so that more clients can be serviced at the same time. For instance, hosting a web site on an Asian server for Asian products will attract more customers from the region, and so on.

Cheap VPS Hosting UK

The VPD hosting includes added resources and solutions, such as the control panel which includes two options of both cPanel and Plesk onyx for Linux. The OS has many different options to select from, and back-up option is supplied. Characteristics like CPU, RAM, SSD, IPs, control panel, backups, etc are all included.